Recommended USB 3.0 Cables - Longer if possible

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Recommended USB 3.0 Cables - Longer if possible

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I would like to have longer USB 3.0 (longer than OEM Mediasonic supplied cables of about 40 inches) to allow moving the connection of my Mediasonic RAID enclosures (I have 3 models, 2 different 2 slot models, and 1 x 4 slot model) between different computer's USB 3.0 ports to allow fast copying of production files to a single drive for a specific project. (Assumption # 1) The USB 3.0 spec is 3 meters. This would work for my configuration. Is there a known "works good" cable source / spec (or list) than reliably works? I seem to be training cable vendors at this point. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Recommended USB 3.0 Cables - Longer if possible

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Two options, if longer cable is needed

to extend using current cable. Buy a Powered USB HUB. Connect enclosure to the Powered USB HUB and then HUB to Computer.

2nd option is to get Active USB cable extension
such as ... B00DMFFL2W
etc.. there are may other brand of Active USB cable, pick one you like ( if choosing this option)

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