Possibly DEFECTIVE UNIT - Please Advise

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Possibly DEFECTIVE UNIT - Please Advise

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To Mediasonic and or the community at large:

I am having a host of problems with my unit. I successfully set it up with 2 1TB Western Digital (identical) drives. I set it to Raid0 (mirror) and Windows 7 Pro64 showed it as ONE 1TB drive as it should. I partitioned, formatted, tested and logged the data. Then I wanted to switch to Raid 1 (Striped Mirror). NO GO! It will NOT SWITCH RAID MODES or to ANY OTHER OTHER MODE whether I hold the confirm button down for 1 second or 2 centuries. No matter what I do, it comes back up in the original Raid0 with ALL original Data. The box did NOT switch modes and it DID NOT invalidate the old data and set up a new volume! Any idea what I am doing wrong, if anything. I think the unit is defective internally as:

(A) The dip switches do not "seem" to perform any function, and
(B) The fan comes on during power up but then spins down within 10-15 seconds. The unit DOES still stay on and is complete usable under Windows. Albeit, quite slow in mirror mode.

I will be writing a product review tomorrow regardless of whether or not I can get a solution. It would help if I could offer the audience something positive, because at things stand now I cannot.

Please advise and Thanks for your time,
Dan S.

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Re: Possibly DEFECTIVE UNIT - Please Advise

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I believe we are helping you thru email
we can continued thru email and you can update here the result is you like


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