Single mode major issue (1 drive vanishes after reboot)

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Single mode major issue (1 drive vanishes after reboot)

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I just received and installed the Mediasonic ProRaid HUR5-SU3 2 Bay 3.5' SATA Hard Drive Enclosure. Did the configuration properly to use the 2 disks I put inside in "single mode" (I want to see 2 separate disks appear in "My Computer").

The setup went OK. I partitioned both drives and assigned to each a letter, P & O. I then formatted each drive and named it. I could then see, navigate and use each drive individually using Windows Explorer. I also successfully created a file on each drive.

So far so good.

After I restarted the system though, only one of the two drives showed up in "My computer". One drive was gone from "My computer". I then went to Disk Management and still could see the missing drive, but noticed it was no longer assigned a letter, although I did manually assign a letter before restart. I then re-assigned a letter, the same, (o), and could again successfully navigate and use the drive. Both drives showed up as individual drives and could be used. Again, I restarted the system. After restart, the same drive was gone again and I had the follow the same procedure to be able to use it again.

Upon restart, windows does not assign the letter to the 2nd drive. It sees one USB connection, assigns a letter and does not go further (a bit like it would in the case of a RAID setup I guess).

My system is (USB 2.0 only) Thinkcenter M70e using Window 7 pro 64bit.

Thanks for any help

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