This can't keep on happening

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This can't keep on happening

Postby gr0bda » September 23rd, 2016, 8:29 pm

Background of issues:
Windows 7 - I purchased this enclosure for USB 3.0. Didn't work (kept on dropping connection, which it seem to be a problem for a lot of people)
Windows 7 - purchased Mediasonic ProBox HP1-SS3 PCI-Express 2.0 x1 SATA III (6.0Gb/s) Controller Card (shows as Asmedia 106X). It worked great, no more issues
Windows 7 - created a software mirror through Windows 7 with 2x4TB drives. Could turn it on at anytime, mirrored drives could be in first bay, nothing happened. Worked like a charm
Windows 7 - Windows 10 - came to my computer just to discover Windows 10 installed without my knowledge/approval. Destroyed the mirror
Windows 10 - Rebuilded the mirror (took over night, family photos at stake there)
Windows 10 - now takes enormous amount of time to load with the box on (without the box on, loads right away)
Windows 10 - can't turn the box on at any time now, the box will lose the mirror right away, it (mirror) will return after prolonged restart.
Windows 10 - mirrored drives CANNOT be in 1st bay any longer or it will screw up the mirror on boot!
Windows 10 - 2 days ago Windows installed the anniversary update, which again obliterated the mirror.
Windows 10 - had to rebuilt the mirror yesterday overnight AGAIN (putting unnecessary strain on the hard drives)
Windows 10 - came home today, turned on the box and the computer. Went about my business, just to return to the computer to find out final stages of yet another Windows 10 update ...guess what!? It messed up my mirror AGAIN! Have to rebuild it yet AGAIN. I AM TIRED OF THIS!!

All of the above is just UNBELIEVABLE hassle. There must be a way to have it work like it did under Windows 7. Someone suggested buying another card. I REFUSE to do it. I cannot be forced to buy something everytime there is some change. I paid good money, hard earned money, money you have asked for. I didn't read anything that said we will not support it further or in the future. I am sick and tired of problems! I am sick and tired of wasting money. I am sick and tired of wasting my precious time looking for solutions, to problems.
If at all possible, I am willing to return it along with the card for a full refund!
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Re: This can't keep on happening

Postby Admin_Mediasonic » October 7th, 2016, 3:07 pm

The problem you can see is with Windows 10 and its updates. Plus you are running software Raid.
if you just had 4 separate drives, Win10 update would not change anything.
you can easily revert back to Win 7, if you don't like using Win 10
you can also update the drivers on HP1-SS3 (if not already) viewtopic.php?f=33&t=1494
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