Local power outage - ProBox doesn't power back on

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Local power outage - ProBox doesn't power back on

Postby Blondie SL » September 21st, 2017, 8:40 am

I'm not sure why such a great product doesn't seem to support "last power state."

I don't have or want a UPS. All my computers and single drive bays all have mechanical switches and all come back up after a power outage or power glitch.

Is there any key coding to enable "last power state?"

If not, other than UPS and having to be at home to manually power this one, is there any other way, perhaps a modification on the electronics board, that will allow it to automatically return to power on?

If none of the above, will the be addressed in a firmware update? I see that there hasn't been an update in years and I can only believe that others have had this same question/concern, especially here in 2017.

Other than this device not powering back up, it seems to be working nicely.

Thanks in advance for any info. (no UPS)
Blondie SL
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Re: Local power outage - ProBox doesn't power back on

Postby Admin_Mediasonic » September 22nd, 2017, 12:02 pm

but that is the way it is designed
There Is no key coding to enable it. No firmware update will enable that.

The enclosure power button is a push to turn on and hold down to turn off. Have to use this type of power button due to Power sync sleep function
If the power button was the switch option (like what computer power supply have) then enclosure will be always ON, and power sync sleep will not work.

So the only suggestion is to use a UPS. The design won't change on the 4 bay nor 8 bay

We do have enclosures with switch power button, which will power back when power comes back

Single bays: HDL-SU3, K32-SU3
2 bay : HUR5-SU3 (has a push on and stay on Power button)
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