Cant configure ProBox

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Cant configure ProBox

Postby cgriffin » November 22nd, 2017, 11:24 pm

The retailer assured me this box was RAID compliant. I don't think it is.

So I've tried to configure it as a "spanned" drive. I assume that means Windoze will see all 3 of my WD 3TB drives as one 9TB volume(or roughly 9TB). So When I go to format the drives (using spanned) I get an error "the operation is not supported by the object"

I really would appreciate some help here. I hate to purchase something like this and just take it back ... Ive got a little more fortitude than that. I'm willing to battle it. But I need some help. Throw me bone here please. Do you guys have specific instructions? I've read your manual. I don't think it's for WIndows 10 Pro.

Here's my setup:

3 x 3TB WD3000F9YZ hard drives
Purchased: Computer Connection OKC, OK 11/22/2017
Windows 10 Pro

I can format them as "simple drives". But I can't span them into one volume or make them into an array. I really need to combine these drives into one volume some how. Please help! I spent $200 on this box I'd like to make it work
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Re: Cant configure ProBox

Postby cgriffin » November 24th, 2017, 1:10 pm

Thanks to Daniel in tech support for helping me get my ProBox configured software RAID.

The issue I was having was in Windows Storage Spaces. Once I had deleted the volumes on the drives in Windows Disk Management so they'd appear "unallocated" and unformatted in the Storage Spaces I couldn't get the software RAID to set up. Kept getting an error message.

Daniel told me some systems will do that. The work around is to simply unplug the USB cable of the ProBox from the PC...wait a few seconds then plug it back in. Then Manage Storage Spaces app in Windows will see them correctly and format them as one big drive. You can set it up mirrored or with parity much like a hardware RAID.

Thanks again Daniel in Tech Support!
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