Can ProBox be Used to Select DVR-R External HDD's

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Can ProBox be Used to Select DVR-R External HDD's

Postby omonkeyzinho » January 24th, 2018, 4:12 pm

Note: This is not a PC based related question, but I wasn't sure where to post.

I have a Magnavox MDR515H DVD-R that I want to create an External Drive Farm for using an external HDD Docking scheme via eSATA.
I've already provided an eSATA external cable interface at the DVD-R.

I was wondering it this particular ProBox product would, by some means, permit manual selection of a HDD within the external "farm" (e.g. 1 thru 4 in this case), or if a PC software interface is indeed required? Ultimately, it would be nice if I could just push a "Drive Select" button on the Docking Station (when powered down, i would assume).

In this application, it would appear that any ProBox installed drives would have to be swapped into the first drive bay in order to be made active, not sure. Please advise.
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