Unit drops drives via eSATA; USB 3.0 is fine

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Unit drops drives via eSATA; USB 3.0 is fine

Postby rddayton » February 6th, 2018, 3:10 pm

Just installed my HF2-SU3S2 4 bay ProBox . Put three old external SATA drives into the small ProBox mini-tower. Formatted. Copied old data onto drives. No issue. Plan to use with ProBox attached via SATA cable.

For grins, I tested USB 3.0 connection with included cable. No issue transferring files back and forth between all drives. Tested file transfer via SATA cable connection. No issue transferring files back and forth between all drives -- UNTIL THERE IS PROLONGED SYSTEM INACTIVITY. As soon as there is a period of inactivity (still trying to pinpoint exactly how long), all three drives disappear from my computer and disk management. It is not a Sync issue because Sync is turned OFF. When this happens, the ProBox is still powered on. I simply lose connectivity with the drives. If I happen to be nearby when it happens, I can hear the signature Windows sound that signifies connection/disconnection of devices. If I turn the ProBox tower off and then back on, the drives immediately re-connect, I hear the sound for all three drives, and I can work as normal. I have never had the issue with drives dropping "off-line" when the ProBox is connected via the slower USB 3.0 connection. It only happens when connected via SATA. Thoughts? Solutions? Settings?

Here is my configuration:
ProBox attached: SATA cable
SATA Controller Card: StarTech 2 Port SATA 6 Gbps PCI Express
Computer: Lenovo P410 workstation
Windows 7 Professional
Fan set to Auto
Sync set to OFF

Scratching my head on this one. Would appreciate any help.
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