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Fan Problem

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So, I have 2x MediaSonic Proboxs with 3x hard drives in each one.

I'm not sure if the issue is with the Fans of the ProBox or the Hard Drives themselves. Something is making a fan-like noise. I'm thinking it's both.

When I have the ProBoxs hooked up to my Gigabyte Brix Mini PC, the ProBox fans or the hard drives don't run all the time. The only time the fans or the hard drives run is if they are accessed, say by clicking on one of the drives in Windows explorer, I will hear the drives spin up, and eventually the fan kicks in. And then about 10 or 20 minutes later, the drives go completely silent agian.

When I connect the ProBoxs to my Dell Latitude however, the fans and the drives are constantly running.

Why would my Brix let the drives/ProBoxs go quiet, but the Latitude always has them active?

What settings can I change in Windows 10 to fix the problem with the Latitude?

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