Booting from the Box

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Booting from the Box

Postby SLUBilliken » August 31st, 2018, 1:38 pm

I cloned an internal bootable drive to the top drive in the box. I opened system preference/start up and selected that drive to boot up when I restarted my computer. The cloned drive in the box was available and I selected it. I restarted the computer but that drive did not boot the system. The original drive that I had cloned remained my boot drive. I restarted my computer and held down the option key while rebooting. Normally this shows all bootable drives to select. My new clone, while visible as a choice in system preference/start up, did not show up. My cloned drive in the box occupies the top drive slot. I use the e-sata connection to my MacPro, and this particular OS is 10.6.8...because I have software that won't run on OS versions beyond that. I use a different internal drive for newer OS versions. Any ideas, please? Thank you.
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