HFR2-SU3S2 SMART spin retry count fault with 4 HDs

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HFR2-SU3S2 SMART spin retry count fault with 4 HDs

Postby csewell » January 22nd, 2018, 10:44 am

I have an HFR2-SU3S2 with 4 4TB HGST NAS hard drives installed. 2 weeks ago HD Sentinel reported a drive failure and sure enough the ProRaid box indicated an error on one of the HDs. The smart data indicated 50000 spin retry counts, so I thought the HD bearings or motor was going, replaced the HD with a spare and RMA'ed the faulty drive under warranty. Yesterday the replacement HD started indicating a problem, and sure enough, SMART data indicated a failure with thousands of spin retries. I pulled that drive out, checked it, and put it back in. Same problem indicated, only now 2 other drives are ALSO indicating imminent failure with the spin retry counts increasing, but nowhere near 50000 yet.

I'm thinking there is actually nothing wrong with these drives because 4 separate HD failures in the same enclosure over 2 weeks seems highly unlikely. I think the spin retry count increasing is due to some failure in the enclosure itself and the drives may be healthy. I've heard this can happen with faulty SATA cables.

The drive with 50000 spin retry counts is now useless and I have 2 other drives that are rapidly approaching failure. I've turned off the enclosure to prevent this from happening but I need to get the data off it somehow before the other 2 drives die. I have another HFR2-SU3S2 that I could swap the drives to before that happens.

Is it possible the HFR2-SU3S2 is causing this problem? If so, and there is nothing wrong with the HD''s themselves, is there a way to reset the SMART spin retry count and get the drives back in service?
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Re: HFR2-SU3S2 SMART spin retry count fault with 4 HDs

Postby Admin_Mediasonic » January 26th, 2018, 3:01 pm

check those drives with a single bay enclosure with HD sentinel and see If the SMART Info still reports the same thing
if same, then drive is bad
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