Drive Not Showing Up in Windows

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Drive Not Showing Up in Windows

Postby suppperj » February 24th, 2018, 1:17 pm

I have two HFR2 enclosures. I recently updated one of them with WD Red 6tb drives. I formatted that drive with 0 raid and exFAT. I loaded a bunch of files onto the new drive. New drive shows up and functions normally when I plug it into my mac mini but does NOT appear when I connect to my new PC.

Drive doesn't show up in device manager or disk management. I ran a hardware troubleshooting but nothing changed. I've obviously tried plugging the drive into multiple USB 3.0 plugs. Nothing changes. Somethings there's a "ding" when I plug in the drive and other times there isn't.

Any ideas? Seems like a driver problem but I don't know how to update the driver if it isn't showing up in disk management or device manager.

Any advice is appreciated.

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