Old Mediasonic Enclosure Died. Questions about Upgrade

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Old Mediasonic Enclosure Died. Questions about Upgrade

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Caveat: I'm not tech savvy and have no plans or time to be. Please go easy on me.

After eight years, the 4-bay Mediasonic eSATA, USB 2.0, Firewire 400/800 - HFR2-S3B enclosure I used for my multimedia server appears to have died. It seems to be an electric/power problem. All of the 3TB HDDs were fine. One day, the fan wouldn't work and then it wouldn't power on. I took out the HDDs and it still wouldn't power on.

This was my setup:
4-bay enclosure (Mediasonic) with 3TB WD HDDs in each bay, in a RAID 5 Array. I also have a separate HDD Dock with another 3TB HDD (it still works fine). I attached both via USB to an iMac, which runs Plex server. I access my media using the Plex app on an Apple TV over wifi. My Apple TV is connected to an old Sony HDTV.

My first priority is to save the data on the HDDs. My second priority is to upgrade my setup. I have questions about achieving both priorities.

Priority 1 Questions:
1. If I buy a new Mediasonic 4-bay enclosure and plugin my 3TB WD HDDs, will all be restored? Will I need to do anything? Would I need to set up the new enclosure in RAID5 before plugging in the HDDs? Anything else? Or, when I plugin my HDDs, do I run the risk of them being reformatted? That'd be a disaster.
2. Is there another safer or better way to save and then transfer all my media on my 4 HDDs?

Goal 2 Questions:
1. If the answer to #1 above is "YES" and I can buy a new 4-bay enclosure, what do you recommend I buy? I was pleased with my previous setup and it lasted more than eight years. I don't, however, want to rely on streaming if possible. Even when I had this set up while living in the U.S., I experienced buffer delays. In Cambodia it's worse. I would prefer my media physically attached to my TV. Does Mediasonic have such a system? I also want to be able to write from my iMac to my disks faster. My old system took too long. I'd also like to improve my AV quality.
2. Is it possible to change from RAID5 to RAID1? I've had an HDD fail in RAID5 and it was frightening. If I go with RAID1, how many bays would I need? What Mediasonic do you recommed? How would I switch from RAID5 to RAID1? Since my HDDs are currently formatted and partitioned for RAID5, switching automatically to RAID1 would destroy all my data, right?

VERY much appreciated.


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