Drive Failure, No Error Lights

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Drive Failure, No Error Lights

Post by freg »

I set up my 4 bay RAID from 2018 with 4 x HGST drives

Initially, this was configured as RAID 1+0.

November last year, I transferred all the data to another drive and reconfigured the HFR2 as RAID 5.

Last week my Mac running Catalina became unstable. It would restart itself for no obvious reason.

In the last two days any attempt to plug in the HFR2 into it or the other Mac in the house would cause the Mac to instantly crash.

There's no error lights, just 4 blue LEDs

With instant crashing, I have not been able to run any disk utilities, like the MacOS Disk Utility, or DriveDX or DiskWarrior5

Any suggestions from those here?

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