Want to Upgrade but have Questions

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Want to Upgrade but have Questions

Postby eski » February 1st, 2018, 12:32 pm

I've been using a 4-bay USB 2.0 HFR2-S3B with four WD 3TB caviar green HDDs in a RAID 5 configuration for about five years. Never had problems until this week, when one of the drives began flashing red for a rebuild. I figure now is a good time to upgrade HDDs and the enclosure, but I have several questions, placed below in chronological order for how I assume my workflow will go:
1. How do I rebuild the HDD that is flashing red? Do I just swap it out with a new one and let it rebuild automatically? I think that's right, but it's been a long time since I've thought about these things. Do I need to press anything?
2. Assuming I just swap it out, I'd like to swap it out with a WD RE 3 TB Enterprise Hard Drive because I've read that for RAID 5, I should have Enterprise HDDs. Is that OK even though the other three are old caviar greens? Is the WD RE 3 TB Enterprise HDD a good one?
3. Once I get the new HDD in and no more red lights, I'd like to switch all my HDDs out for the enterprise HDDs. How do I do that? Just swap one at a time like I did to replace the broken HDD?
4. Assuming I get to the point where I have all new HDDs in my old enclosure, I'd now like to upgrade to a new 4-bay enclosure. Is the HFR2-SU3S2 Pro-Raid the best for a late 2013 iMac?
5. If it is, then I'm assuming all I need to do is follow the instructions the Admin of this forum has already laid out, right?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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