RAID Mode Light Went Out

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RAID Mode Light Went Out

Postby daemonsoul » February 19th, 2018, 4:58 am


Was using this array on Linux, but needed to take that system offline for repairs (connected via USB 3). I am using a Mac mini as a backup server until I can get parts, but when I plugged the RAID array into the Mac via FireWire 800 (and no, it was not connected to any other computer or plugs in) the drive mounted but the RAID mode light on the front of the array was off (the light that shows what RAID mode you are in (i.e. RAID5 in my case)).

Whenever this array was plugged into via USB2/3/eSATA on Windows, Linux, or FreeBSD the RAID mode light on the front stayed on. Plugged into a Mac, the RAID mode light is off. I tried plugging it back into a Linux system, no RAID mode light. I can use my data just fine ... for now ...

Here is my concern:

When I first got this RAID array I used it via FireWire 800 on a Mac mini (mid 2010), and realized that after a while the RAID mode light was off. As it happens, there was a failure and I had to move my data to a separate backup drive with a special program, as the drive kept shutting down. When I put in a new hard drive back then (exact same model as others), it eventually failed to rebuild. I set it up properly again and it was either on Windows/Linux/FreeBSD ever since without problems, with a RAID5 light on.

If something happens again, I don't want to just hope my RAID5 is working. Why is the light not work?

Sorry if english baD.

If I didn't specify:
Mac OS all 10.9 +
Linux various kernels thru years but generally Ubuntu or Mint
Windows 10
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