Power On After Power Fail

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Power On After Power Fail

Postby bblboy54 » March 10th, 2018, 2:05 pm


I have been using this enclosure as well as 3 of your 4-bay version (one is a startech branded but obviously the same device) and they all have been very good to me but I continue to have one major frustration that I'm hoping there is some solution for. My server is on a UPS but there have been a couple different times when I've been out of state that there has been an extended power outage at my house which has depleted my UPS battery resulting in the power to the enclosures going out.... The problem is that when the power comes back on the server starts to boot but then can't mount it's storage drives because all of these enclosures do not power back on by themselves and my server remains down until I can get back into town and press the power buttons.
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