Failure of BIOS to recognize boot drive with H82-SU3S2

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Failure of BIOS to recognize boot drive with H82-SU3S2

Postby LZP333 » January 21st, 2016, 3:24 pm

I've been using the H82-SU3S2 on my HP Spectre 360 connected via USB 3.0 for about three weeks now. Since using the bay, I've had an error on startup two times.

I get an error message from the BIOS that says "Boot Device Not Found." This is the error that the HP UEFI BIOS displays when, after scanning all bootable devices for boot files, the files are not found. Usually booting occurs without any issues, and I have never had any issues when not connected to the bay. When the error occurs, it will always recur on repeated start up attempts, until the bay is disconnected, at which point booting proceeds uneventfully. Although I acknowledge that we have not ruled out a problem with my system drive or BIOS, this only occurs when the bay is connected at start up, which leads me to suspect that it is some sort of issue with the bay interfacing with the BIOS. Any insights would be appreciated.
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Re: Failure of BIOS to recognize boot drive with H82-SU3S2

Postby crystalkeeper » February 9th, 2016, 8:47 pm

To more confidently dissect the issue, maybe you can try and see what happens with another enclosure connected at startup?

I have to admit that it sounds like a problem with your BIOS. Have you tried upgrading it? Are there any boot device settings that maybe you can use to workaround this issue? For instance, hardcoding the boot device to your internal hard drive.
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