Problems with H82-Su3S2

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Problems with H82-Su3S2

Postby Mplex » January 23rd, 2018, 9:52 pm

I have used two H82-Su3S2 8 bay enclosures for a couple years and been extremely satisfied. That is why I recently bought two more to handle my increasing storage needs.

Unfortunately, I am having problems with both of the new enclosures. One is filled with working 4 TB drives, yet the enclosure is not recognized by any system. I have tried my HP Spectre X360 and Lenovo TS440 server. Also, typically all of the eight hard drive LEDs should light during power on when filled with working drives, but only LEDs 1 and 5 light.

The second enclosure is populated with five 8 TB drives. This enclosure is recognized by my server, but only two of the five drives are recognized. This is the case in diskmgmt as well as diskpart.

Can you help with this please? Maybe we could try a firmware update vs rma?
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