Enclosure fails to start

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Enclosure fails to start

Postby Ozark » February 6th, 2018, 4:10 pm

I have 6 of the H82-SU3S2 Probox enclosure attached to 2 HP Microservers. Each has 3x attached via 2 controllers. 1 server has 2x Sil cards and the other 2x ASMedia cards

The issue I am having is there is 1 enclosure that doesn't want start by itself.

If I populate more than 4 drives in it then I have to power it on with just one drive and then plug in the remaining 7. This works some of the time, but usually requires several tries.

I have tried different cables, different servers, different drives and different controller types. But the Sil3132 and ASMedia still will hang unless I do what I described above.
I have been doing this for sometime, well over 2 years, but it seems to have gotten worse since I started going with larger drives.
Plus I can't reboot the server remotely.

Once I am lucky enough to get it to start, it works great....until the next restart of the server.

I sort of suspect it has a weak power supply but am hoping maybe it has an old firmware or something.

How can I tell what firmware is currently installed on that enclosure and how do I flash it if needed.

Please advise.
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