Firmware version and hard drive Spin Down issue

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Firmware version and hard drive Spin Down issue

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Note: If your enclosure does not have firmware version on. it or the serial # of your enclosure starts with ***13, **14 (i.e. FEB13, APR13 etc..) Do NOT USE these Firmware Bellow

It seems that our new batch of 4 Bay, 8 Bay enclosures and the 4 bay Dock now comes with Firmware version (latest) and with it Hard Drive spin down is introduced. But it seems many users do not like the spin down feature and or spin down is causing issues with using the enclosure. Such as random disconnecting, waiting for hard drive to spin up, system hanging / freezing up.

For Mac users, here is version with spin down feature removed.

after you install it you will find the tool under Applications
remember to turn off the enclosure after firmware is updated
also remember to disable "Put hard drive to sleep when possible" under energy saver menu in Mac OS

**Note: if your enclosure is currently working fine now, no need to try any of the above. In another words "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"


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