hard drive error warning

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hard drive error warning

Post by mbash777 »

i have a windows 10 pc and my system runs fine without problems. i use a Mediasonic ProRaid H8R2-SU3S2 8 Bay 3.5" SATA Hard Drive External Hard Drive Enclosure - USB 3.0 & eSATA in a raid 50 configuration connected to it via usb 3.0 for storage. i have been running this setup without problems for 3 years. recently i backed up all my data and media from the mediasonic unit to other external hard drives without issue. this took days to accomplish. one day upon booting up the mediasonic unit i received an error message from windows stating that the mediasonic unit had problems and windows needed a reboot so it could run diagnostics and address the issues. i ignored the warning and continued without any other issue. this behavior has continued every time i boot up windows. so far, i have not let windows run the diagnostics on the mediasonic unit.

my question is when using any raid array should you let windows 10 runs it's internal dianostics to check the raid array for errors. or does the raid array built in software handle any malfunctions with the array. could windows 10 possibly harm the raid array while checking it with the build in hard drive diagnostics? please advise.

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Re: hard drive error warning

Post by kagetsu »

If it's trying to run chkdsk, be very careful as chkdsk in it's "error repair" can make some files vanish... This is a NTFS bug not an issue related to your RAID box. If the files are backed up somewhere safe you can go ahead and chance it.

Usually when I catch chkdsk fixing a bunch of errors especially ones of "orphaned files" and crosslinked files being deleted is when I get worried. Otherwise things like finding sectors marked as used that should have been freed its generally no problems.

Orphaned files btw are files not marked by the NTFS catalog as used or not used as a result chkdsk will attempt to create a folder called chk on your root and place those files there. You'll find sometimes its just files deleted in the recycle bin and didn't get marked properly.

Crosslinked files means files that are sitting on sectors in use and another file that was not properly marked deleted or moved is sitting on the same sector. This always results in one of the files being corrupted... The problem becomes apparent when files that you previously deleted were not marked properly and new files were written onto the sector... Chkdsk will then do something absolutely retarded where it favors the older file over the new one and deletes the newer file... The worst that has ever happened was when a UPS power supply killed a file server and on repair it erased exchange files resulting in tons of corruption.

Overall, if you didn't lose power suddenly, or had to force shutdown your PC during a lock up, its generally safe and it's ok to run chkdsk to repair. If you lost power recently, windows hung while shutting down there's always a chance there's corruption... In that case make sure all files are backed up somewhere before letting windows run chkdsk. You'll have to decide if you want to take the risk...

Just re-read your post... I would run let windows 10 run chkdsk and mark the drive clean in your case.

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