Need to copy 16tb from my H8R2-SU3S2

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Need to copy 16tb from my H8R2-SU3S2

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What is the best solution to do that? I am trying to upgrade my raid box (H8R2-SU3S2 // 6x4tb // raid5+0 formatted GUID journaled) by adding two more wd reds (4tb) before that however I need to backup everything just in case. I have 15.35tb used of 16tb and I have two more extra hard drives spots that is not in use.. Would you use a cloud service like carbonite or just buy one million small usb externals to backup everything? Also, when you add new drives to the raid does it wipe everything out or just adds the space after it rebuilds? When I get the new hard drives I need to format first and then add it to raid or it will do that for me?

Help! Kinda new on the RAID circuit ;)

P.S. - Later on I will to upgrade again to wd 6, 8 or 10 reds, I read your post that 5 or 6 is supported, how about 8 or even 10?

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Re: Need to copy 16tb from my H8R2-SU3S2

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When adding drives or changing raid modes
you need to back up everything. Yes it will wipe out everything, because you need to format the new Raid array with new # of drives

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