USB port Failed

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USB port Failed

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This is the email I sent to support On 2020-03-13 2:56 p.m..

Good Day,

I am contacting you for information on my Mediasonic HFD1-SU3S2 4X docking bay. Serial number L17060421 Rev 3

I purchased this item on on 6 Dec 2017 (order# 702-8147912-2325830) & once I received it & connected it to my computer, it worked flawlessly till recently.

Computer originally tested on was Centos Linux with no issues, Windows 7 64 bit no issues. For the last year, it has been working reliably on my computer with windows 7 64 bit with no problems. Last month (Feb 2020) it died & the computer does not see ANY of the drives attached via USB. The drives have individually been tested outside of the dock in the same PC & no issues with any of them. PC has been rebooted multiple times & no luck. I suspect the docking bay USB side is dead & I am hoping that you may have a solution to fix this since I do not like wasting $100 needlessly & it should last me a lifetime.

The eSata port works with your supplied cable & sees the exact same drives no issues so I suspect the USB side is dead. Other devices/drives connected to those same USB ports all work so it is NOT my USB ports at fault. I have other devices on my PC that only work on esata so I can't use those ports for this docking bay & I must use it on USB.

Drivers are up to date. Tested on 3 other new computers & same issues (esata works but USB dead). USB 2.0 /USB 3.0 ports same issue, not functioning.

Hopefully you have a solution.

Here is the response I got back from support:

Hi, name withheld

Sorry, but we don't have option to repair this model. As we don't sell
or have parts for sale to fix this model


Mediasonic Technical Support Department

It is a shame that mediasonic cannot repair their own equipment. Unfortunately after my friends saw mine in action, they also bought the HFD1-SU32 for themselves. All of them are having similar issues as myself so it is NOT an isolated incident. The product should not fail within 2 years of use. I don't understand why the company that makes a product cannot fix it. Make no sense.

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