Only one disk found in Windows 10

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Only one disk found in Windows 10

Post by Kandei-chan »

Hello all!

I have an HFD1-SU3S2 that currently holds three 3.5" disks. The first disk in the dock works wonderfully, via either USB or eSATA, but only that one disk, the lowest slot number to power on when the dock is powered on, is seen by Windows 10. I've heard that Win10 has some issues like this with multi-disk docks/enclosures. I heard that duplicate disk identifiers as seen/changed in DISKPART can cause disks not to be found, but I verified that the IDs on my HDDs are all unique. I also checked Disk Management to make sure there are no conflicts with drive letters; Windows only sees the first disk and can't find the others at all. I notice the storage driver as provided by Win10 is 10 years old (ouch!) and the PC manufacturer doesn't seem to have any driver that's more up-to-date. Any suggestions? TIA! :)

Edit: Forgot to mention that the behavior is the same on another Win10 computer.

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Re: Only one disk found in Windows 10

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on eSata if your eSata port does not support pot multiplier, you will only see 1 drive.
on USB it shouldn't have this issue. Does the 1 drive that works, works on any slot?

did you check under disk manager?

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