Replacing one drive with another

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Replacing one drive with another

Postby wazburrows » March 4th, 2019, 1:42 pm


I bought your 2-bay raid device and installed 2 drives and have backed up 4tb to them in a RAID 1 configuration. Recently I bought a second drive of the same size and replaced one of the drives to confirm that the RAID 1 was working. It worked as expected. Now of course the original drive will become a "known-good" spare drive if I ever have a problem with either of the other drives. However the spare drive isn't reformatted. Before I use it to replace a failed drive do I need to reformat it or something? Or will the RAID enclosure automatically reformat the replacement drive to match the existing one regardless of whether it had existing data on it? If it will reformat it automatically then how does it know which drive is the master and which should be reformatted, since in this case my replacement drive has already been used in a RAID 1 configuration and has data on it?

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