upgrade to HF7-SU331c question

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upgrade to HF7-SU331c question

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I currently have two probox units, one HF2-SU2S2 and one HF-SU3S3. If they are turn on my HP Z240 windows 10 computer will not cold boot. So I have to turn them both off first then start the computer, then when Windows is running restart the proboxes. My understanding is that windows using UEFI has an issue with theses drive cases interrupting the boot sequence.
My question s are:
1. With on the HF2-SU31C or the HF7-SU31C is this still an issue when using USB 3.1c?

2. Can they be on and have the computer be able to cold boot in UEFI without causing boot failure?

Thank you

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Re: upgrade to HF7-SU331c question

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You should check in the computer bios
disable boot from USB or from external drive

also make sure none of the hard drives in both enclosures are on the boot list

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