Probox HF2-SU31c - disconnecting when busy

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Probox HF2-SU31c - disconnecting when busy

Post by jporkka »

When I have more that one drive in the box and I keep them busy the drives always disconnect from the computer - usually pretty quickly.
I have to power cycle or unplug the USB cable on the probox to get the drives back.

I have tried with two WD drives and two Seagate drives.
Specifically I'm just doing a file-copy of all the files from one drive to the other.

Keeping one drive busy doesn't seem to be a problem.
I can use this box as a single-drive enclosure with no apparent problems.

Is this a know issue / limitation?
Is there some fix?

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Re: Probox HF2-SU31c - disconnecting when busy

Post by Admin_Mediasonic »

Do you know what chipset is the USB-C port on your computer?
are you using the original USB-C cable?

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Re: Probox HF2-SU31c - disconnecting when busy

Post by patlefort »

I have the same problem, tried on 2 different computers and chipset with the original usb-c cable. It seem to trip over itself during long operations over multiple drives and I have to manually restart it.

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