Slow speeds, random disconnects and weird behaviour.

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Slow speeds, random disconnects and weird behaviour.

Postby DAS4Less » April 21st, 2018, 12:08 am

I bought the Mediasonic HF2-SU31C a few days ago, and it was working perfectly at first and id say its exactly what I wanted. Speeds were great on all disks even with multiple disks reaching similar speeds to sata then it got weird.

First, I noticed that it seemingly harmlessly disconnected, then reconnected itself. I had no transfers going at the time so I thought perhaps the cable was loose, made sure it was plugged in fully on both ends and continued to use it.

After that, whilst in the middle of a transfer, the same thing happened, causing me to have to restart the transfer, but this time, speeds were terrible. Suddenly they dropped to below 45MBs on all of the hard drives attached (2 6tb and 2 8tb which previously all scored well above 150MBs). Ive now tried restarting the computer, restarting the DAS enclosure, unplugging the DAS enclosure, and plugging it back in, and nothing so far has resolved the issue. Ontop of that Im not sure its starting up normally anymore, as when starting up again, unlike before, It popped up as an unrecognized usb device before actually loading as the correct drive and smart data on some of the drives show unusually high values for start stop time.

Id love to know how to resolve this issue as the box was performing well just before this.

If there is some hardware reset that needs tripping or firmware that needs updating or anything to help fix this problem that'd be great, because right now its kind of unusable and makes me weary of having my data in it as the backup box I bought it to be.

Edit: Just a while ago, again, I saw Image and the only drive connect at the time disconnected....
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