PCI Card HP1-SS3 now works on WIN10

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PCI Card HP1-SS3 now works on WIN10

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When I found out that Windows had a driver issues update AND that there was a newer driver for this card I had to try this again. Time and time again trying e-sata would blue screen, however after these 2 updates it shows all 8 drives when it shows the boot message now! Upon booting to WIN10 it works as well, however only 4 of the 8 drives show up although this seems like a problem I can now resolve. Upon first test it is MUCH FASTER than the USB3 option.

Thanks very much for making this card work, however I was hoping you could help me with why 3 of the 8 drives do not show up in win10 when trying to use the e-sata option -- on USB3 all 8 show up no problem. Again - during booting in e-sata mode, all 8 drives are recognized and displayed during boot.

This is very promising! Any hints would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: PCI Card HP1-SS3 now works on WIN10

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This card can only support 5 drives per eSata port
so best used for 4 bay enclosure

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