HW180STB needs an internal clock

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HW180STB needs an internal clock

Postby 180STBUser » May 31st, 2016, 8:14 pm

Observations indicate that the 180 STB PVR scheduler depends on the clock transmitted by the OTA station the unit is currently tuned to. The problem with this is that OTA stations (at least here in Ontario) are extremely lax in keeping their clocks accurate. Some can be off by several minutes and some can take months before changing between Standard and Daylight time. The solution as I see it is to run the 180 from its own independent internal clock that is managed by the user; a feature that is not available on a unit with SW ver: Apr 24 2015 16:53:17-V10.1, HW ver: MLG7816-ATSC-V10.
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