Dual Tuner DVR box

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Dual Tuner DVR box

Postby Duff1234 » July 12th, 2016, 1:04 pm

My #1 wish is for a dual tuner DVR box. To be able to record 2 channels at once, or record one channel while watching another would be hugely valuable to me!

Other companies do make dual tuner units but they start at $250 and go up from there, and very few of them allow you to use it without a subscription model for EPG (like Tivo or Tablo). So a price point that's $100 or under for a dual tuner unit, I would buy that without a second thought.

I appreciate the Homeworx HW180STB that I currently use but always wish it had a dual tuner in it. I love the low price point that the 180STB is at and would love to see a dual tuner unit for $80 or less maybe if possible but would pay more if need be for it. I don't like the whole subscription model for an EPG, I don't necessarily need that or need series recordings (however both would be nice, they aren't necessary). I just wish someone would make a relatively inexpensive dual tuner DVR box for OTA broadcasts. Please make one mediasonic! I would buy several of them, one for me and one for many of my friends and family!
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