HW180STB chase play

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HW180STB chase play

Postby Sid » April 26th, 2017, 10:57 pm

I'm new to the HW180STB but it's replacing a ~$400.00 PVR that took a lightning strike. I would like to have the unit start recording whatever channel is selected immediately. Not to be saved but to have data available to immediately back up a few seconds to catch the word that was missed while just watching TV. A set amount of memory (a couple of hours would work) could be used. It would loop and write over oldest data when full. I know there's time shift function but it's to complicated. The scenario is I'm watching a boxing match and I missed the knock out punch. I press a button and it rewinds a bit and I see it. I fast fwd to catch up to real time.
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Re: HW180STB chase play

Postby Sid » April 27th, 2017, 11:16 am

I remembered another minor point on my previous post. You should be able to change the channel without having to stop the recording, change channel then restart the recording then restart time shift mode. I'm hoping someone will tell me I'm doing something wrong and it works the way I want. :)
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Re: HW180STB chase play

Postby eherberg » April 28th, 2017, 9:03 pm

These units do not perform as you indicate you would prefer at this price point. If the above is what you feel is important to you - you would be better served going to the 4-letter DVR you likely had previously.
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Re: HW180STB chase play

Postby Sid » April 30th, 2017, 11:00 pm

Title of this forum section.
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Re: HW180STB chase play

Postby rvgammill » September 23rd, 2017, 7:51 pm

Special User:
This works perfectly as the tool you want, but there is not a Record everything capability.
Whenever you turn on a channel, push Record and OK at the prompt. That's what you do to get what you want.
The TV screen has a timer in top left and a progress bar along the bottom, in Playback.
The Progress Gauge cover the typical CC Closed Captioning area (another source to resolve "what did he say?" and CC also records, if you weren't already using it.) if CC is turned on, you would want to reposition it at the top to make it visible.
So to utilize Playback and CC, your screen would ringed in Timer, CC. Progress Bar, about 40% of the screen. It's all fairly annoying. You might miss the dialog altogether, distracted by the machines in 40% of the viewing area.
If you channel surf, hit Stop, then surf or you get a stop recording prompt to OK before it will change channels. Then hit Record and OK at the prompt.
Anytime during the recording you can back up and replay. At anytime when you are viewing, you can start Record or Stop Record. The gauge at the bottom goes two color when you start going back in the recording.
Fast forward during commercials to get gauge back to real time. Unless you want the commercial dialog... but you get the drift.

All Users:
This is also a good way to watch OTA TV around bathroom, snack or 'other' adventures: Have memory stick plugged in and formatted NTFS. Press Record and leave. Return. Rewind to zero, Play, FF on commercials to get to realtime. Stop Record. Rewind and Replay happen in the Record Window and its full interface is onscreen if you pushed Record and go back during operation. Despite the drawback, it is a reliable and fully functional tool.

The best recordings of shows is through the EPG Guide or Menu: USB interfaces.

STB must be On to Record later scheduled shows.

You can record one channel and watch in the pass-through configuration. My STB is the tuner for a dumb terminal TV, so not an option and no experience.

Plug in a 32GB memory stick for 32 hours of up to 2 hour recordings, per file.
Format via STB to avoid issues. Trust me. Plug it into STB: Menu, USB, Formatting, select NTFS and format your 'Recorder'. A stick formatted NTFS by STB records better, per experience, users and MediaSonic.
Record NTFS will create a new file on the fly for a continuous, over 2 hour recording. A third file for over 4 hours of continuous recording is not guaranteed.
Every Record command is a new recording, every Stop Record command its end. Recording is a timestamp named file.
Delete the library on the first of the month. Make it a reminder in Outlook.
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