HFR2‑ASU3S2 drive size limitation

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HFR2‑ASU3S2 drive size limitation

Postby amart79196 » May 4th, 2017, 10:51 pm

A few years back I called and asked if I put multiple 4TB drives into the array and I was told that they would work.

Now that prices have come down and are more affordable, I have finally purchased 4TB drives for this array.

After I installed two of them and turned on the array, all I get its a xH Error on the light display of the array. It initially spins up but after maybe a minute it spins down and the error light comes on.

Nothing else can be done from this point.

Being that Mediasonic doesn't make anything else with the AES256 encryption likes this product, it would be nice to see larger drive support.

Maybe this needs a firmware update?? Would be nice so I don't need to purchase a different product out in the market. I know addonics makes something similar but I really want to continue to use this array and would love to see the larger drive support added especially after I was told that it would work.

Please respond back to this thread with your thoughts..,,

Many thanks!
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Re: HFR2‑ASU3S2 drive size limitation

Postby Admin_Mediasonic » May 9th, 2017, 11:48 am

When replacing drives, you need to create a new Raid array
not sure if you did that, since you said you just installed 2 drives and then turned it on

the procedure is
1st make sure enclosure is connected to a Computer that is ON
and then do this

power on the Enclosure and press and hold MODE button on the front until LED flashes. Press it again to select the RAID mode you want then press the Raid Confirmation button on the back panel until the device shuts down. Power on the device again and the RAID mode set-up is completed.
just need to partition and format the Raid after you turn enclosure back on

Raid confirmation button is hidden in the back so find that 1st, before you start

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