Connect to wi-fi network

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Connect to wi-fi network

Postby kinetisus » September 14th, 2017, 6:06 pm

Current home devices:
laptop (2009)
Firestick (2nd gen)
Homeworx HW-150pvr
netgear WiFi with connected hard drive
2 dumb smart TVs (USB connection but no streaming/internet/app dowload etc...)

Now my question is can I connect my Homeworx pvr to the home network in some way? Maybe not have it access my media hub but perhaps the other way around? For example I can have my laptop or firestick or PS3 connect to it via the WiFi connected hard drive in some way? Or would I need to purchase a WiFi enabled all in one hard drive of some kind in order to achieve this function?

Thank you all for your time! Much appreciated!
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