adding an external hard drive to Home worx 150 pvr

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Re: adding an external hard drive to Home worx 150 pvr

Postby jrahockey » May 19th, 2018, 8:49 am

Hello, 7T, I am always bewildered by all the government stuff going on these days, I just hope I am GONE before they totally destroy our country
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Re: adding an external hard drive to Home worx 150 pvr

Postby SevenT » May 20th, 2018, 4:56 am

OK jra... let’s get back to talking about some stuff that’s “on-topic” again.

“I should have mentioned, some where between where we started and now, I do have my fish stick hooked to my HomeWorx through an extension cable, so first worry is eliminated.”

OMG jra... then what were you worried about in the first place?? You can plug and unplug your fish stick ad-infinitum without worrying about damaging your widgets - they were designed to be hot-swappable. If your extension cable connection packs up then just buy a new one.

“As for the other problem, I was advised not too hook up anything bigger than a 1TB hard drive to the Home Worx...”

Which is also called “following the manufacturers recommendations” which is usually a deeply sensible thing to do since they were the boffin-boys that designed the doo-hickey in the first place and they might know a little about what is sensible (or not) to hook it up to.

“ ....and to also to use a self powered hard drive, that is why I tried the self powered 4 USB hub, which seems to not work on the HomeWorx unit.”

Which - good for you - you tried and it didn’t work. It was a nice hypothesis but it didn’t work (take note folks - the added bonus here is that it didn’t brick his unit in the process)

“So bottom line is I am going to keep using my Sony fish stick, not really sure how big it is, either a 32 or 64GB. I might instead purchase another fish stick, like the one I am using, since it has worked great with no problems, YET.”

Hmmm... jra... stick your stick into your computer and see. Surprise, surprise... the fish stick’s size in Gb will be revealed along with the amount of free space you have left on it.

“As for purchasing a 500 GB , can not see paying $50. for a 500, when for almost the same price,about $65. can get a 1 or maybe even a 2TB external hard drive“

Typical Canuck!.... tighter than a Canadian Goose’s poop-hole! PLUS 1TB (or greater) external drives are NOT recommended by the manufacturer - how much TV do you need to record????

“I am just wondering why they do not recommend using any kind of hard drive, but a self powered hard drive”

Oh my good golly gosh and heavens to Betsy's candy-iced sugar trees..... maybe it is because these techno-bods designed and built the unit - they might know a little bit about it’s power limitations... like the unit couldn’t sustain enough power output through the USB port without it eventually overheating and trashing the whole kit and caboodle.

Cummon jra - keep your stick on the ice eh? We're all pulling for ya!

That's a purely Canuck joke BTW flocks...

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Re: adding an external hard drive to Home worx 150 pvr

Postby jrahockey » May 20th, 2018, 8:35 am

He 7T, maybe you are right, well for now am sticking with my flash stick, it looks like I am not recording as much as I did about a year ago when I bought this flash stick, I was looking at it, it is a 64GB stick, I wanted to see how much I can put on it, with what I am recording now, I can put over 3 weeks of recording, before it get near it's capacity. I can live with not having to remove it for 3 weeks, so the bottom line is, I AM HAPPY, thank you for all your time and help and assistance the last few weeks, YES I will keep my stick on the ice jra. I have to say I guess these forums can be helpful when needed
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