Video recorder to remove commercials/file compressor

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Video recorder to remove commercials/file compressor

Postby trynhard » September 17th, 2015, 10:13 pm

Has anyone found a video recorder, hopefully freeware, that can be used to edit the .mts files and remove commercials? I tried VideoRedo which has an AdDetective - it got most of the commercials fairly quickly but when it saved the file it saved it as mt2s. I changed it back to .mts but Video redo must have removed something from the file that prevents it from being played in the HW150pvr. I can play it on my computer okay but not on the tv through the HW150PVR. I also tried Free DVD studio but its editor was poor and opening and saving a large .mts file was very very slow - nearly an hour. So looking for something else - hopefully with an automatic commercial remover - or at least something that can handle these files in a reasonable amount f time. Anyone had any success?
Or, taking another approach, has anyone found a tool that can compress the large mts file for storage and then return it to its normal size - without any loss of video or audio quality - for viewing later?
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Re: Video recorder to remove commercials/file compressor

Postby ColdCase » September 19th, 2015, 6:24 pm

I was not completely happy with commercial removal software for video archives, as you have to check on it anyway. For throw away stuff, not much of an issue. The free compression software works pretty good for pristine video, like from a camera, but does not work well for video with some defects, like you get OTA via the PVR. Most of the time its OK, but by the time you discover that one out of ten problem videos... you wasted a lot of time

Here is one reliable workflow that works for me, there are probably others:

1) PVR MTS => prores (.mov) via Bigasoft pro res converter ($30) (set async to 1),2) import prores file into FCPX (free for me as I use it for home video), 3) manually cut the commercials (fix aspect ratios and blur water marks while you are at it), 4) share as master file (.mov), 5) use handbrake (free) to create ATV file (m4v) from the master file, 6) load into iTunes server, 7) watch and enjoy, no noticeable quality loss.

If you are going to want to watch this on a PVR, set handbrake to create a PVR compatible file.
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Re: Video recorder to remove commercials/file compressor

Postby SupremeC » September 12th, 2018, 1:13 pm

I stopped using Handbrake for MediaCoder x64 ( IMHO, it is a better transcoder. It does not take nearly as long as handbrake to do an HD TV show or movie.
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