HW-150PVR Rebooting on a Loop and Not Responding

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Re: HW-150PVR Rebooting on a Loop and Not Responding

Postby alg2468 » September 9th, 2015, 11:50 pm

I am having the same issue with the box rebooting. After opening it up I found that the capacitor went and resistors look burned, exactly the same situation as lordcy - same capacitor and resistors. Mediasonic told me to try replacing the capacitor, but what about the resistors that look melted like lordcy's box? Do I clean them (with what, looks like melted glue went on them) or replace all of them? This defect must have happened to quite a few boxes.
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Re: HW-150PVR Rebooting on a Loop and Not Responding

Postby antineutron » September 10th, 2015, 6:48 pm

If you spend more than an hour repairing the machine, you're probably better off getting a new one, I got two new ones to replace my "problem" units and feel much better about that solution.
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Re: HW-150PVR Rebooting on a Loop and Not Responding

Postby ripcity512 » February 5th, 2018, 10:07 pm

Yes, it's been over two years since anyone replied to this thread.
Lordcy - did you have any luck repairing your device after replacing the capacitor?
My board looks exactly the same as your photo - capacitor fluid all over the diodes. I tried replacing the capacitor but no luck. Wondering if the diodes also need replacing, or if the cap failure may have affected the other transformers.
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Re: HW-150PVR Rebooting on a Loop and Not Responding

Postby Blobby » November 25th, 2019, 9:31 pm

The looping reboot problem first happened to me today. Indeed very frustrating. I tried all the power down protocols. Even let the thing sit unplugged for half an hour (which really should have had no effect on the flash memory). But still even after all of that, whenever I turned the machine on it would tune to the same channel 33, would not respond to remote control commands (except on off at times). Finally I wondered what would the thing do if it could not tune to channel 33 because there was no signal available. SO I simply removed the RF going into the 150. Then with the TV on when you power up the 150 whatever channel you had selected will not be able to be received and you should see the words no signal once it powers up. Once I saw the "no signal" I then tested the remote to tune to another channel. The remote responded changing channels but of course was still receiving no signal because the RF was still disconnected. Finally I plugged the RF signal back into the unit, the picture came back and all functionality returned. I'm no engineer or techie but perhaps there is a hangup in the tuning circuit and once you change the signal processing steps during boot up, the entire system resets. Sounds cukoo but it worked for me, did not cost a dime and involved no solder.
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