Do I need a firmware update?

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Do I need a firmware update?

Post by tharmon54701 »

Model: HW-150PVR
HW Version: MLG-7802-V5
SW Version: June 8 2016-06:06:08-V5.3


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Re: Do I need a firmware update?

Post by RWoodcock »

Also need to know if there is a firmware upgrade for my HW-150PVR
SW Version May 26 2018 10:26:03 -V6.0
HW Version MLG-7802-V6

Bought unit last spring. Still have audio sync issues that are corrected by power reset but makes recording programs without issues difficult. Sometimes audio is perfect. Sometimes audio is out of sync.

Sent email to mediasonic but no reply.


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Re: Do I need a firmware update?

Post by slcasner »

Sometimes I get out-of-sync audio after scanning 2X or 4X through commercials, but I have found that if I then go 2X in reverse a bit and try again the audio gets back in sync.

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