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Re: HW-150PVR picks up a whopping 2 channels

Postby realbbbb » December 5th, 2015, 12:47 pm

I have an update to share. I called to return the original box (thinking it was defective) and request a replacement. However, Staples (after consulting with their supplier, MediaSonic?) told me to just keep the original box. So I received the replacement box, hooked it up and nothing, just like the other one. I fooled around with the antenna placement (ClearStream 2) and was able to receive 1 channel ABC (in addition to the local PBS). I then hooked up a splitter between the antenna and the HW-150PVR and after fooling with the antenna placement some more I was also able to get CBS (and its digital sub channel). So with using a splitter I am now able to get 6 channels (CBS & DS, ABC & DS, PBS & DS) as compared to my digital converter box (or TV) which are able to get 12 channels (6 previously mentioned + NBC & DS, Fox & 2 DS, MyTV) both with/without the splitter. Thus, my only conclusion is that the tuner in these boxes is absolute garbage and essentially useless for someone like me who is a significant distance (40-60 miles) from the stations. The only benefit to the box now is that I can watch CBS in HD via HDMI or component output since I have my large attic antenna (which is pointed southwest) hooked up to the tv receiving WV stations---but does not get CBS (WDTV).

Also the thing is useless as a recorder because I've tried to record numerous college/pro football games and it stops recording after 2 hrs 20 mins & 3 hrs 7 mins. I've never been able to record an entire game. Anyone have a similar experience with this?
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