Question aboutt if there will be a signal

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Question aboutt if there will be a signal

Postby xmetalfanx » November 10th, 2017, 3:33 pm

I will try to keep this short but info filled. I have been searching the forums and reviews on devices like the HW-150P (or similar models, that may be older) and I have not found the answer yet, though the "sort of" answers I have seen I am not sure if they hooked it up in the way I would (aka not sure if the question they asked is 100% the same)

My idea ...(not counting trying an antenna and OTA broadcasts) is to try hooking this box's Coax IN to Coax Out from my Comcast box. Where I am not sure if the answers I found were to the same question is that some people think they can use this to REPLACE their Comcast/DirectTV/whatever) box ... nononon I knew that wouldn't work before I even read the messages all over the place that said you couldn't do that.

I do have an old DVD Recorder that for the moment still works that has an old tuner in it and Coax box out to Coax in on that (as well as my VCRs that I haven't hooked up in years).... all of these setups work in the sense of what I am describing. ... This product is the VCR or DVD Recorder. I guess before buying via Amazon, I'd like to know if this seems like it would work or if this "tuner" does something completely different then any of those others (not counting more ... but at LEAST does the same thing as those others)

I am for the Comcast/DirectTV box side of my idea not worried about the "program guide" or that for now (if this idea i have works, I WOULD try the OTA and program side stuff but thats another story) ... just if i can get audio and video from the box (directtv/comcast) and set the box to say CH 3 or CH4 .... THAT IS how I do the DVD Recorder for the record.

Thank you to anyone who responds.

IF this is a "yes that would work with the way your decribing" thing, then I think I will give this a try ... .hope i can return it IF IT doesn't (even if the OTA stuff works great, if my main use case doesn't work then I dont think I really wantt to keep it)
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Re: Question aboutt if there will be a signal

Postby Wiskers » November 12th, 2017, 3:50 pm

No, use the VCR's.
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Re: Question aboutt if there will be a signal

Postby antineutron » November 18th, 2017, 10:42 am

So, you want to use a set-up digital tuner to convert HDTV to a NTSC signal that your dvd recorder's tuner can record, and don't need this HDTV tuner's own recording capability?

Yes, you can do that. I do something similar but use the RCA connections for better video signal quality.

Don't forget that you can use the tuner's recording and playback capabilties as well. VOB files can be played if copied to a hard drive plugged into the 150 box. They'd need a mpg extension added to be recognized by the box.
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Re: Question aboutt if there will be a signal

Postby ColdCase » November 18th, 2017, 1:05 pm

xmetalfanx wrote: is to try hooking this box's Coax IN to Coax Out from my Comcast box. W

The Comcast box probably is sending a signal on its coax that looks like OTA analog TV to support those old TVs with only coax antenna input. Its not Digital TV so the PVR isn't going to receive that.

You could try connecting a television with the DTV's antenna input up to the comcast box and see if you get anything.

If you do, and its DTV, what you are thinking may work.
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