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Postby Stoutheart » December 13th, 2017, 11:22 am

I am considering the HW-150 primarily as a DVR. I' like to confirm it would work as desired. I believe I would connect my antenna to RF in and my digital TV to RF out. Most of the time, I could watch OTA broadcasts in this way. If I wanted to record an OTA program, the HW-150 menu would be added to the RF out information. The HW-150 would tune to the station and record it to an attached USB drive. When I want to watch the recorded program, can it be played back through the RF out port, or do I have to have an HDMI / composite connection to the TV for playback?
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Re: Connection Help

Postby 180STBUser » December 17th, 2017, 9:35 am

The PVR will play back through the port you have selected as the video output. in your case it will go to the RF Out port. You don't need a secondary output to play back from PVR unless you want the benefit of higher quality video.

A few comments if you haven't yet purchased an HW-150. I've used this device for a couple of years and, while it works, it has several serious problems IMO. Firstly, the list of stations you might cue up may simply disappear and you won't know it until it's too late. This has happened to me several times. Secondly, the HW-150 does not have an on-board clock - it depends on the clock transmitted by the OTA station you have tune in - NOT the clock of the OTA station you have on the timer list. A properly designed unit would have its own, independent, on-board clock and not depend on the presence of an OTA station. If the OTA station's clock is seriously wrong, which I've found to be the case at times, your recording won't start at the appointed time. Lastly, don't use a USB thumb drive unless you have one with a seriously fast write time. You'll be much better off using an external HDD (they are cheap) formatted to NTFS. You can read other posts on this topic to get the skinny from others who have investigated the thumb drive issue.

The above defects are well known in the Homeworx community and have not been addressed by Mediasonic. They do not publish global firmware updates on their web site; you have to contact them directly and hope for the best.

Good luck.
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