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Postby jorgek » December 18th, 2017, 7:07 pm

I really don’t like having the USB connector on the front panel. I have the USB cable bent under the unit running to the back and plugged into a self powered Seagate 1TB HD. Also the cable partially blocks the remote control sensor to some extent.
Simple solution. Drilled a small hole(4mm) in the back of the case. Took a USB extension cable with a male connector at one end and female at the other end. Cut off the male plug trimmed the 4 wires, black, red, green and white. With a 30 watt pencil soldering iron, tinned the ends of the 4 wires and soldered them to the back side of the front panel USB connector.
Works great. USB cable is now out of the way coming out the back of the box.
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