How do you record shows with homeworx connected to a roku tv

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How do you record shows with homeworx connected to a roku tv

Postby de3ik » February 4th, 2018, 10:55 pm

Hi. I'm new here so sorry if this has been asked before.

How do you record shows with a homeworx box connnected to a roku tv that uses the antenna signal and not just a regular hdtv. I want to record shows and the sharp roku tv I have has an option at the menu screen allowing me to select my mediasonic homeworx pvr. HOwever it says no signal when I select it and I can't see the channels. I'm guessing this is becuase the sharp roku tv has a selection for it's own antenna tv signal where it can get the tv shows I watch. I'm not sure what workaround I need to activate the homeworkx to record shows if not when the box is selected itself from the menu, to record when the sharp roku tv is just showing regular broadcast channels like abc or fox from it's antenna feed.

Can someone please tell me how to hook it up to record shows either on it's own or from the antenna broadcast signal when the roku tv is just showing regular channels and not roku channels? I just want it to record the shows on screen. I connect my homeworx with a hdmi cord if it helps to the tv and the tv of course connects to the antenna. I'm guessing the homeworx is lacking a signal because it's not connected directly to the antenna anymore? I would really appreciate your help on this and a clear thorough explanation that isn't too technical. Sorry, but I am just a layman and don't understand technical terms well. thanks.
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Re: How do you record shows with homeworx connected to a rok

Postby jorgek » March 10th, 2019, 5:24 pm

I guess better late than never.
Try connecting a splitter to the antenna lead. Then 1 output to the TV and the other output to the 150. Now you can watch TV on the Roku and at the same time record another channel (or same) on the 150.
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