Some channels not available to Timer

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Some channels not available to Timer

Postby rodserling » May 14th, 2018, 2:04 am

Please help me to troubleshoot or fix.

I want to use the PVR to record shows. Overall it seems to work pretty good. But to book shows, I can only do so within approximately the next 12 hours; the device does not display programs beyond that time frame. Also, some channels like to start their shows a little bit before on the hour or half-hour.

For those two reasons, I prefer to use the Timer function. I got my first VCR 30 years ago, I'm cool with manually entering things. But the 150PVR doesn't allow all parameters to enter manually. To wit, channel selection must be scrolled up and down and cannot be typed in.

For some reason, certain channels are not in the scroll list. No matter what channel is being displayed when Timer schedule Mode is entered, Timer Mode defaults to channel 2. To set up a recording, I must choose the channel with directional buttons, rather than typing in a number. Again for some reason I do not understand, I cannot select channel 32 (for instance). If I try to select it by increasing the number from 2, I can scroll through channels 2, 5, 7, 9, 11, 20, 22, 23, and then it goes back and forth between 23 and 22, even though I am only pressing the up button. If I decrease from 2, I get 66 (my highest frequency channel available), then it jumps down to 23, 22, 20, and so on.

I can readily at any time choose to watch current-at-the-moment broadcast on channels 32, 38, 48, and 50. Yet those in-between channels are not available in the scroll list of the Timer schedule screen. I autoscanned many times to have all of my local stations be available just for watching, as far as that "black art" goes. Why not all programmed channels available to Timer function?

1. This is a lengthy explanation. More so than I wish, but I hope it is clear and sufficient. Please, ask me to clarify something if not.
2. Nearly all of the channels have subchannels available (2-1 2-2, 5-1 5-2 5-3 etc) the description of problem ignores them in an attempt at simplicity. If I can access a certain channel in the timer, all of the concurrent subchannels are also available.
3. Thank you for reading. Here is one of my cats asleeping for your enjoyment.
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