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How to Charge HE1-78U2 Probox Power Bank and Your Devices

PostPosted: July 20th, 2013, 12:41 am
by Admin_Mediasonic
How to Charge HE1-78U2 Probox Power Bank

When you take out the HE1-78U2 out of the box, you will need to charge it first. The initial Charge will take approximately 8 hours
Connect the included micro USB cable to the micro USB in port

you can charge the HE1-78U2 by the following ways

1. Connecting to a Computer USB port
2. Connecting to any USB charger
3. Connecting to any power bar that has USB port
4. Connecting to a car USB Charger

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How to Charge a Cell phone and a Tablet with HE1-78U2

To charge a Cell phone or a Table you will need to use the original charger cable that came with your device

For Cell phone, Connect your cable to the USB 1 Port, which is 1.2A
For Tablets. Connect your cable to the USB 2 Port, which is 2.1A

you can charge a cell phone and a Tablet at the same time

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How to Charge a Galaxy Tab Tablet

Connect the USB adapter that came with your HE1-78U2 to the original Galaxy tab cable, then connect to the Power Bank.

Charging Galaxy Tab.jpg
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