HDMI Audio Extractor

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HDMI Audio Extractor

Postby gdjacobs » April 8th, 2020, 5:11 pm

I'm looking at purchasing an HDMI audio/composite video extractor, in particular, the Homeworx 16-6710. If it's not, in fact, a Mediasonic component, my apologies. If it is, I hope you can answer a question for me.

To use a set of wireless headphones without muting room audio, I want to split an HDMI stream and extract stereo audio while also feeding an unchanged stream to a surround receiver. Aside from two channel stereo PCM, I would like to know what audio formats this device is able to decode.

Thanks for all your assistance.
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Re: HDMI Audio Extractor

Postby Admin_Mediasonic » April 21st, 2020, 4:11 am

Sorry, that is not our product.
and we don't have any product that can do what you are looking to do
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