Considering the HUR5-SU31C But Need Advice

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Considering the HUR5-SU31C But Need Advice

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Sorry for the lengthy post but I think some of this background information is relevant.

I’m a Mac user [15" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (Late 2016, Space Gray)]. I own an Airport Extreme and had an WD external hard drive attached to it that I mainly used for Time Machine backups and on occasion, as extra storage.

The WD drive recently failed and rather than just buy a new one, I decided to re-think my backup/external storage configuration. After some carful consideration I decided on the following:

- I didn’t want to have my backup storage connected to the network (NAS). It was nice and convenient but nesseccary for what I use it for.
- I didn’t need anything portable. This was something I intended to leave at home at all times.
- USC-C Interface with support for USB 3.1 was a must. I wanted to maximize data transfer speed and eliminate the need for an adapter.
- Need something that supportered RAID 1 so there wasn’t a single point of failure.
- SSD is nice but too expensive and overkill for my needs (mainly backup). That being said, I’m looking for a fast HDD (7200 rpm, etc.)
- Ability to replace failed drives myself. Looks like there a few commercially available RAID 1 external hard drives that support RAID 1 but it appears that once one drive goes bad, you have to replace the unit. No swapping out failed drives. I also couldn’t find anything that met all my requirements. Units that supported USB-C didn’t support RAID 1, etc.

Question 1: Anybody see anything grossly wrong with my logic thus far and the requirements I laid out?

After hours of research, the only unit I could find that seems to meet my requirements is the HUR5-SU31C. I considered the HUR6-SU31 but I don’t need it to be portable and I like that the HUR5-SU31C will have better temperature control and is more flexible in regards to hard drive options.

Question 2: Would you also go with the HUR5-SU31C or is there another unit I should consider?

The last step of this puzzle is what hard drives do I put into the unit? I’m looking for 2TB of storage so 2 x 2TB drives since I’m going to be using RAID 1 configuration. There seems to be so much conflicting information on the internet regarding drives and their reliability. Seagate? HGST? WD? Also what class of hard drive should I go with? PC & Gaming? NAS? Mobile? etc. NAS seems like the best fit given what I plan to use this for despite not actually connecting it to my network.

Question 3: Any recommendations on the drives I should use?

Thanks in advance for your time and responses.

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