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I have been looking for a way to record OTA broadcasts for a while and after a bit of research decided to give the Mediasonic HW180STB a try.

After learning how to get it connected and set up it's exactly what I wanted. I do understand that some people report problems but this new version seems to have the bugs ironed out.
Some people have said that the units fail after about a year. It seems the new units have a nice heat sink added to the processor chip and that should help.
I removed the top cover from mine to allow even better cooling. This may void the warranty, but at this price I accept that.

Is it "perfect"? No. But on a budget it is as close to perfect as I could have imagined.
There are a few things about it that aren't quite as "polished" as the $300-$400 units, and I'll be posting a few questions to see if there's any resolution but....HEY...it's around $30.00 US on Amazon !
Even if I can't change a thing, I would buy another in a heartbeat.

If you're considering this for OTA (Over The Air / aka Broadcast) recording I would RUN for this.

In my opinion, this is a PHENOMENAL value and works great. I have absolutely no connection to MediaSonic nor received ANY incentive to post this.
It's just a great product at a price that blows the alternatives out of the park.

Thanks MediaSonic !

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Re: Just Bought HW180STB - VERY PLEASED

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you can always buy a $5 warranty extra on it, for five years. I like to do that for all my electronics to make sure they will work, or I get my money back to apply for something else. So far my new 180STB is working great and plays my saved MP4 and MKV files with no problems.

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