Weekly program recording fails

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Weekly program recording fails

Post by ronheller »

Several times now, after setting a program to record weekly on my HW180STB, it will recording maybe once or twice and the the instructions get corrupted. What happens is that the selected channel changes to a non existent one, usually 37-0. The instructions cannot be edited to correct the channel selection - it must be deleted and re-entered.
Other times, the instructions disappear altogether.
Would a firmware update correct this problem?

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Re: Weekly program recording fails

Post by Fugger »

It might. If your unit is within the return period a return might be the best route.
Otherwise try a firmware update.

Is your unit getting adequate cooling (for example, is it on top of something hot or in direct sunlight etc?

Please let us know if a firmware update helps.

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Re: Weekly program recording fails

Post by rabatts »

I have that same issue...also the entire program scheduling randomly gets erased.
If you got these updates to fix this issue... where did you the updates from? I can't seem to find them.
V3, please update to V8.1. Fixes recording bugs.
V8.0, please update to V8.1. Fixes recording bugs.
V9.0, please update to V9.1. Fixes recording bugs.
V10.0, update it to V10.1. Fixes bugs on close caption. (If you don't use close caption then no need to update)
V11.0 or V11.1 update to V11.3, fixed bugs on fast forwarding. EPG and recording.


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